Thursday, 1 December 2016

the sun the moon the star

to gaze into space is to never lose face the millions of miles beyond is the ground never found from here to there we go around the craft the speed of sound to be there is homeward bound

choice of your master

well who might be the boss your father or the clowns ring toss who has the final say your boss or another day to say who is your master is to run a mile faster to say you belong to me the verse you long to see

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Atop the hill

The mountain calls the fog does fall
Up the hill the oats the corn the call

Rocks gravel sand turns to dust
Does and bucks the lust

Out comes the gun the black crows the fun
Bang bang from tow hundred yards

The crows do scatter
Wat the hell crows don,t matter


From the air in the barn
Rats flies the farmers yarn

The rain beats down tin roof the goof
Water by the gallon cream the proof

The sawdust blows the driven snows
The farmer blows his nose

The warm heat from the cattle
The farmer knows he has won the battle

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Oil Pipe Strife

Money in the ground
From east to west the oil is bound

The money the rich oil men don't bitch

The money the oil is found

How much barrel ask Bob or Cheryl
Black oil the Christmas carol

Black oil in the ground
More down the road is found